Kodak Dryview Laser Imaging Film

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Kodak DryView Laser Imaging Film: DVB1417

Kodak DryView Laser Imaging Film records superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence. Use this one film for all DryView Imagers, including the Kodak DryView 8900 Laser Imager with 100-megapixel printing capability! DryView Film has one of the largest selections of film sizes available on the market today. A long shelf life simplifies inventory control and provides opportunities for cost savings. Reloading is fast and simple using Kodak daylight film cartridges that load in less than 10 seconds in full room light with no bag cutter to use or lose, no bags to remove or dispose of.


  • With minimized noise and improved density uniformity in the emulsion, image information is more easily discerned.
  • Superb quality includes sharp alphanumerics and continuous-tone images with exceptional spatial resolution, contrast, and grayscale levels.
  • Maximum film density of 3.3 when used with DryView 8900.
  • This high-performance, photothermographic film is specifically formulated for optimized results with Kodak DryView Laser images.
  • Designed for use in all DryView Laser Imagers, this film eliminates dual inventory management.
  • DryView Film is a high-resolution, infrared-sensitive photo thermographic film that needs no wet film processor.
  • Long shelf life streamlines inventory control and reduces purchasing frequency.
  • Choose from five film sizes for a range of imagers and applications: 7-mil polyester base 
    • 14x17-in. (35 x 43 cm)
    • 14x14-in. (35 x 35 cm)
    • 11x14-in. (28 x 35-cm)
    • 10x12-in. (25 x 30-cm)
    • 8 x 10-in. (20 x 25-cm)
  • Lower noise images
  • Better density uniformity
  • Greater visibility of detail
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