RADIOMAT Duplicating Film

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RADIOMAT™ Duplicating Medical X-Ray Film

UV and White Light Sensitive Duplicating Film
The Radiomat Duplicating Film is a high fidelity, direct reversal film for use with UV and white fluorescent light sources. The emulsion is formulated to produce outstanding duplicates by using an anti-halation opposing side coating with a wide range of density capabilities.

Sensitivity Response
One of the most important features of the Radiomat Duplicating Film is its capability of working with almost any type of duplicator because of the dual sensitivity of UV and fluorescent white light. The sensitivity response is unique in the medical x-ray field and provides greater flexibility in its use with minimal concerns on the type of exposure equipment or light source being employed.

Fidelity of Reproduction
The sensitometric response specifically addresses the need for a wide range of densities. The long, straight range of contrast provides the many varied possible densities inherent within the used diagnostic range of radiographs. This wide range of density reproduction yields highly accurate duplications and makes the film suitable for duplication of many different imaging formats including standard radiographs, extra oral, video and laser originals.


  • Unique dual sensitive to UV and fluorescent white light sources
  • Well suited to duplicate radiographs, extra oral, video, and laser originals
  • Outstanding reproduction of all diagnostic information
  • Anti-halation backing further ensures greater duplication accuracy of original film
  • Polyester base: the polyester base is a blue tinted type to best reproduce and simulate the majority of original images. A clear base original will duplicate, however the clear areas on the original will become blue tinted.
  • Exposure and Orientation: Radiomat Duplicating film has emulsion on one side that is required to face the light sources and original x-ray to perform correctly. Noteches are cut into the film to aid in proper orientation. When the duplicating film is held so the top notches are on the top edge and to the right, then the emulsion side is facing the user.
  • Safelight Requirements: The use of EK GBX-2 (or equivalent) safelight filter is recommended. It should be utilized in conjunction wiht a 15-watt frosted bulb with a distance of at least four feet from the loading and unloading area.
  • Processing: Radiomat Duplicating Film achieves optimum results in all automatic and manual processing methods. This includes small tabletop processors and large freestanding models. It can also be processed at the same time and temperatures as your original film.
  • Handling: Films should be handled by the edges; avoiding creasing, buckling and physical pressure. Avoid using hand lotions prior to handling films.

Available in sizes:

  • High fidelity direct reversal film
  • Compatible with almost any duplicator
  • Equipped with sensitometirc response
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