RADIOMAT G-PLUS Medical X-Ray Film

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RADIOMAT™ G-PLUS Medical X-Ray Film (Green-Sensitive)

Green-sensitive universal X-ray film

Radiomat G-Plus is a general X-ray film designed for use with green-emitting intensifying screens. The system speed of this film has been adapted for specific applications, according to the international guidelines. The toe of the sensitometric curve has a form that provides high contrast in the low densities of the image. This permits the use of Radiomat G-Plus film in applications such as angiography, where it gives sharp and detailed images of even the smallest blood vessels as well as of bone structures.

Multitude of applications

Even small differences in absorption between soft tissue and air become visible by the varying density levels, thanks to the high contrast which is also enhanced by the form of the shoulder of the sensitometric curve. The typical form of the sensitometric curve makes the Radiomat G-Plus film ideal for imaging bone structures, allowing even the detection of hairline fractures. The film is also suitable for orthopedics where it will give the fine details of bone structures, yet keeping the soft tissue visible. The film also offers good contrast in the main lung area, with good detail being obtained in the middle-density areas. The Radiomat G-Plus film can be considered a universal film, allowing the user to read necessary information quickly thanks to its high contrast, low fog, and low noise level.

Standard Features:

  • Safelight Requirements: the use of a GBX-2 (or equivalent) safelight filter is recommended. The filter should be utilized in conjunction with a 15-watt frosted bulb and positioned at least four feet from the unloading/loading area, and processor feed-tray.
  • Storage: the unopened, unexposed film should be stored at temperatures at or below 70∞F in a dry location, preferably between 30% and 50% relative humidity. The film should be protected from sources of ionizing radiation including x-ray scatter.
  • Processing: RADIOMAT™ Medical X-Ray Films are designed to be processed in automatic processors using "High Throughput", standard, or extended cycles. When used in the standard 90-second cycle, a temperature of 95∞F is recommended. The films can also be processed manually. These robust films perform well in all quality developers and fixers.
  • Handling: Films should be handled by the edges; avoiding creasing, buckling, and physical pressure. Avoid using hand lotions before handling films.
  • Packaging: Available in all customary sizes in 100 sheet reclosable boxes.

Available in sizes:

(10x12 in.)

(11x14 in.)

(14x14 in.)

(14x17 in.)

(14x36 in.)

(15x30 cm.)

(24x30 cm.)

(30x35 cm.)

(5x12 in.)

(7x17 in.)

(9.5x9.5 in)

  • Produced sharp, detailed images
  • Equipped with sensitometric curve
  • High contrast, low fog, and low noise
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