Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System

  • Refurbished GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound System
  • Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System


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Advanced 4D imaging for all your ultrasound needs.

The VIVID E9 was designed specifically for 4D imaging. It features ergonomic and advanced image acquisition to data management. It features GE’s accelerated volume architecture 4D platform from increased processing power and advanced quantification tools to help streamline workflow for enhanced productivity. These tools include 4D stress and 4D Auto LV quantification. It has one-touch ease of use, intuitive workflow that puts 4D at your fingertips. The Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System handles 2D imaging with equal power and precision. The Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System also stores data in a specific raw data format which allows you to have post-processing capabilities. This flexible and innovative format and storage of pre-scan converted data enable you to develop with high clinical value. The Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System with XDclear provides extraordinary image quality for the following imaging modes: 2D, color flow, Doppler, and 4D. Together with controls like UD clarity and HD imaging, it will provide crisp valves and borders across a wide range of patients. Similar image quality can be achieved with pediatrics, vascular, abdominal, and TEE transducers.

With Automated Function Imaging (AFI), you will be able to assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest. It can calculate a large set of parameters to describe the function of the left ventricular walls. It specifically calculates peak systolic longitudinal strain in both segmental and global options and can present the results as parametric images.

The Refurbished GE VIVID E9 Ultrasound System also includes scan assist which will help you quickly customize the system for departmental protocols for CRT optimization and let the system guide you to the next view, mode and measurement. It also has templates for both exercise and pharmacologic stress that are customizable to your needs. With Scan Assist Pro, you can customize for standard echo, vascular, and abdominal exams. With protocols to assist you thoroughly each step, it will automatically set up modes and measurement as well as annotations to help enhance image acquisition and help reduce the number of keystrokes.

90-day parts & labor warranty included!


Adult echo color Doppler

The XDclear transducer technology provides the color sensitivity needed for visualization of pulmonary vein inflow.

Abdominal Imaging

C1-5D abdominal image in harmonics for excellent spatial and contrast resolution.

Vascular Imaging

Obtain clarity and excellent definition of layers and vessel walls in carotid imaging.  

Fetal heart imaging

By combining high temporal and spatial resolution you can perform fetal heart imaging.

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90-Day Parts and Labor Warranty Included
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