GE VIVID S60 Ultrasound System

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A high-end cardiovascular ultrasound system at an affordable price

The GE VIVID S60 is a midrange cardiovascular ultrasound system that’s rich with premium features and quantification tools. The VIVID S60 is one of GE’s newest ultrasound systems with GE’s brand new accredited cSound imaging technology. GE is the first ultrasound manufacture to introduce cSound technology. cSound technology is a software-based, beamforming image processing tool that delivers high-end cardiac and vascular imaging. Most ultrasound systems use hardware-based beamforming technology, but cSound is software-based resulting in higher quality images and more information. Key quantification tools like Auto EF (Assists in measuring LV function), AFI (Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion), IMT (Automatic Measurement of Intima-Media Thickness), and Anatomical M-mode (Allows the M-Mode cursor to be adjusted at any plan) help evaluate and address cardiovascular issues with confidence. Scan Assist Pro is an additional option that creates customizable automation for each step of the scanning application reducing exam time and the number of keystrokes throughout the exam procedure. The VIVID S60 comes standard with a 19” LED monitor and a 12.1” touch screen monitor to assist in navigating through menus and workflow throughout the exam. Also, like all VIVID Ultrasound systems, the VIVID S60 can send in RAW data to be used in conjunction with GE EchoPAC V201. The VIVID S60 is a mid-range solution with high-end features guaranteed to meet all of your cardiovascular imaging needs.

1-year warranty and 2-days of onsite applications training are included. 

GE VIVID S60 Ultrasound System


  • Excellent visualization quality in 2D, color flow, and Doppler
  • Excellent spatial resolution and detail
  • New capabilities including automated quantification of the LV


  • Uses "Local BIG DATA" Channel Memory to perform real-time analysis on RF data from each channel probe element.
  • Uses a Software Beamformer instead of a Hardware Beamformer


  • Crisp Imaging
  • Enhanced penetration
  • Adult Echo Color Doppler
  • B-Flow


  • Auto EF - 2D-speckle tracking algorithm
  • AFI - Automated Function Imaging - Assess & Quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest
  • 2D IMT Measurement - Measurement package, worksheet, archiving, and reporting 
  • Anatomical M-Mode - On-Axis measurements


  • Flex Fit – Adjust control panel and monitor for comfort and convenience
  • Easy mobility with smart standby
  • Small Footprint
  • 12.1" Touch Screen
  • 19" LED Monitor with articulating arm


  • Raw Data and all measurements (including customized) from Vivid Systems
  • DICOM and public DICOM SR from 3rd Party
  • Full access to GE raw data
  • Access to all Vivid measurement tools
  • Review, post-process, and measure using AFI, Wall Motion Scoring, etc.
  • Store and review cine loops and static images
  • Measure
  • Annotate
  • Export
  • Send to/Retrieve from Long Term Storage
  • Create clean, comprehensive, easy-to-read reports
  • Quick Reports
  • Report Templates for TTE, TEE, Stress, Vascular
  • HIS Interface (HL7)
  • Patient Data
  • Orders
  • EMR Interface (HL7)
  • Report Text
  • Formatted report (ADOBE PDF)
  • PACS Interface (DICOM)
  • Export
  • Long term Archive
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Warranty Information

1-Year Warranty
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