GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System

  • GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System (H48032BF)
  • GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System (H48032BF)
  • GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System (H48032BF)
  • GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System (H48032BF)
  • GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System (H48032BF)
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A powerful and portable cardiovascular ultrasound machine

The GE VIVID IQ v203 Ultrasound System is GE’s latest and greatest portable cardiovascular ultrasound system. The VIVID IQ v203 was released with superior imaging capabilities and faster processing speed than its predecessors, the GE VIVID i and GE VIVID q. The iq was made with portability in mind; an optional docking cart allows up to 4 active probe ports and 4 hours of battery life. At only 10 pounds, if you decide not to purchase the optional cart, taking the ultrasound from office to office or from room to room will not be an issue. The general workflow of an exam is similar to the VIVID i and VIVID q with an updated touch interface like a modern tablet or cell phone. Tablet-like gestures such as tap, pinch, and zoom help reduce the number of keystrokes throughout the exam procedure which leads to less exam time. Like all VIVID ultrasound systems, quantification is key in helping cardiologists diagnose their patients correctly; the VIVID iq is no exception. With quantification tools such as Auto EF (Assists in measuring LV function), AFI (Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion), IMT (Automatic Measurement of Intima-Media Thickness), and Anatomical M-mode (Allows the M-Mode cursor to be adjusted at any plan) these key quantification tools help providers evaluate and address cardiovascular issues with confidence. 

The VIVID iq v203 includes standard 3-year parts and labor warranty as well as 2-days onsite application training and installation.

GE VIVID iq v203 Ultrasound System

Portable. Powerful. In touch.

  • Echo:
    • Color Flow - Excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution, and spectral crispness
    • Virtual Apex - Phased array probes provide a wide field of view for enhanced visualization of structures at the sides of the sector.
  • Pediatrics:
    • Small structures and fast heartbeats present unique challenges to imaging. Vivid iq helps you make quick, confident diagnoses for a wide range of pediatric and neonatal patients and their families.
  • Shared Services:
    • Virtual Convex - Extends the field of view when using linear transducers.
    • B-Flow - Provides advanced spatial and temporal resolution to help assess blood flow and vessel wall structure without the limitations of Doppler.
    • Blood Flow Imaging - Provides enhanced visualization of blood flow dynamics using a signal-processing algorithm for visualizing blood flow data.
    • LOGIQ View - Increases the field of view to image large organs that typically can't be seen in a single image.
  • Quantifications:
    • Full suite of tools such as AutoEF, AFI, Anatomical M-Mode, and IMT.
  • Workflow:
    • TTE - Convenient applications such as Auto Gain, Scan Assist Pro, and Smart Stress.
    • Touch Interface - Improved Keystrokes, Tablet-like gestures - tap, pinch, zoom, and intuitive keyboard.
  • Console:
    • Lightweight - 10% lighter and thinner than the Vivid q
    • Closed design - allows cleaning with disinfectant solutions
    • Portable - up to 1-hour battery with Smart Standby
  • Cart:
    • Increased height adjustments
    • Battery pack (3 hours with full charge)
    • 4-probe port
  • Probes:
    • Broad Selection of 11 TEE, sector, curved and linear probes


GE VIVID iq v203

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Warranty Information

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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