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GE VIVID E90 v203 Ultrasound System

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Cardiovascular imaging at its finest

GE’s newest VIVID E90 v203 Ultrasound System is a high-end cardiovascular ultrasound system with cSound imaging technology, XDclear transducer technology, and enhanced workflow options for post processing and reporting. GE’s new cSound technology allows the ultrasound system to process more information up front, using a software-based beamformer technology instead of a hardware-based beamformer such as traditional scanners today. A software-based beamformer allows most of the image data to be processed before being displayed on the screen filtering out any type of artifact and helping produce a superior image in any type of application. The VIVID E90 v203 also has the ability for XDclear transducers. This unit has 3 options available; the M5Sc-D, C2-9-D, and C1-6-D probes. XDclear imaging technology helps product crystal clear images, increase organ/wall definition, and deeper penetration. Using GE’s cSound technology and XDclear probes will provide one of the highest resolution images on the ultrasound market. The E90 also ultrasound includes a 22” high-resolution OLED monitor for display and includes a secondary 12” LCD touch screen for navigation throughout the exam and post processing. Additional software options include Stress Echo, Vascular Contrast, IMT, AFI, DICOM Connectivity and more. Like all Vivid ultrasound systems, the VIVID E90 v203 will also be able to send in a raw data format for easy connectivity to Echopac V201.

GE VIVID E90 v203 Ultrasound System

Combines the proven performance of the Vivid product line with the cSound powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform.


  • 22" high-resolution OLED monitor
  • 12" LCD Touch Screen
  • Adjustable Floating Keyboard
  • Convenient data management
  • Easy mobility
  • Low power consumption with efficient and low noise cooling
  • cSound software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform
  • True Confocal Imaging
  • Adaptive Contrast Enhancement
  • High Spatial Resolution in 2D, Color Flow and Doppler
  • Elevated performance with Near field image quality, lateral wall definition, image uniformity, and penetration.
  • XDclear probe technology
  • Color Flow: Excellent color sensitivity, contrast resolution and spectral crispness
  • Triplane: Lets you image 3 planes from the same heartbeat, with high temporal and spatial resolution
  • Virtual Apex: Phased array probes provide a wide field of view for increased visualization of structures at the sides of the sector. 
  • Automated Function Imaging: Assess and quantify left ventricular wall motion at rest.
  • AFI Stress
  • Auto EF
  • Peak Strain Dispersion
  • Auto Gain: Automatic 2D image optimization for every patient.
  • All brand new purchases of the Vivid E90 include a 1-year parts and labor warranty as well as 3-days onsite application training


GE VIVID E90 v203


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Warranty Information

1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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