Refurbished Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

  • Refurbished Midmark IQecg Digital ECG
  • Refurbished Midmark IQecg Digital ECG


Refurbished Midmark IQecg Digital ECG

The IQecg System from Midmark is an easy-to-use, 12-lead digital ECG and software solution that helps you to quickly administer testing and access the patient information you need to make informed cardiac assessments and provide more efficient patient care.

The IQecg makes your job easier with a range of reviewing and editing tools to help increase productivity and efficiency. At the touch of a button, you can capture an abnormal ECG as it appears on screen, enhance the diagnosis with tools like zoom and electronic calipers, quickly edit statements and perform serial comparison.


  • Lightweight, portable design, weighing less than 11 oz.
  • View and monitor live, 12-lead ECG in selectable formats on screen
  • Interpret and analyze data for neonate, pediatric and adult patients via the Midmark 12-lead Resting Electrocardiogram Analysis Program
  • Review and edit ECG results on-screen with the free text or customizable quick edit statements
  • Perform serial comparison with overlay of up to 4 ECG tests
  • Save time and reduce data entry errors by populating patient information directly from your EHR/EMR software
  • Facilitate paperless office strategy-eliminate costs of thermal paper and the hassles of scanning and filing patient charts

 IQmanager Software

The built-in IQmanager software is a simple, cost effective way to capture and store patient test results right on your existing computer.

  • Built in patient management software to review, edit, and store patient information from any computer on your network.
  • Acquires, organizes, and presents patient data for comprehensive view.
  • Simple to use with one click e-mail and fax options.
  • Save time by eliminating need to re-enter patient data
  • Simple to use with one click email and fax options
  • Store 55,000 ECGs in just 1 GB of hard drive space.

EHR/EMR Integration

Integrate test results and patient data directly into your EHR-EMR solution.

  • Seamless integration allows you to perform tests within the EHR/EMR and store the information in the patient's chart
  • Interpret, view measurements, and see ECG waveform and graphs as digital data intead of static image
  • Works with approximately 80 of today's top EHR/EMR solutions
  • PC-Based 12-Lead ECG
  • Easy EMR Connectivity
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