Refurbished Mortara ELI 280 EKG Machine



Refurbished Mortara ELI 280 ECG Machine

The Mortara Eli 280 has a high-resolution 10” touch screen that allows for the display of all 12 leads simultaneously as well as the best 10 feature. The best 10 feature automatically displays the best 10 seconds of the ECG using advanced filtering to reduce artifact and noise during the ECG. To further assist in obtaining the best ECG report, all Mortara Eli 280 configurations include Mortara’s famous VERITAS interpretation. The VERITAS interpretation software utilizes key factors in determining gender specific, adult, and pediatric interpretation. One of the biggest upgrades to the Eli 280 is the EMR connectivity and exporting options. The Eli 280 comes in six different configurations. All six of the configurations include VERITAS interpretation, 200 ECG Memory, USB/LAN connectivity and an acquisition module. There are several connectivity options you can add to the Eli 280 such as 802.11 wireless, DICOM, and a wireless acquisition module (WAM). The 802.11 wireless connectivity allows you to send to Mortara’s E-Scribe middleware software for bidirectional communication to most EMRs. The Eli 280’s DICOM option allows you to send to PACS systems. The wireless acquisition module or WAM from Mortara is an acquisition module that does not connect directly to the EKG machine. The WAM utilizes Bluetooth (radio frequencies) to connect to the EKG. Overall, the Eli 280 is a complete ECG solution with the ability to connect to EMR and PACS systems as well as print a standard full-page printout with interpretation you can trust. 

Each purchase of a Mortara ELI 280 EKG Machine comes complete with a standard 1-year depot warranty w/ brand new accessories! 

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