Schiller Ganshorn SpiroScout Spirometry System


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A versatile device for Practical and Clinical Spirometry.

The Schiller Ganshorn SpiroScout Spirometry System is a complete lung function laboratory based on the ultrasonic measurement principle of Ganshorn. It allows you to obtain the exact determination of all spirometric parameters. IT can simultaneously measure flow and gas density while providing all the necessary information about volume and gas exchange from one single measurement. The SpiroScout features high precision spirometry due to direct flow measurement and real-time BTPS correction that is drift-free and highly accurate. It also comes with multiple options such as rhinomanometry, oscillatory resistance, capnovolumetry, emphysema testing, and dead space analysis. No volume calibration or warm-up time is necessary so you can have it up and running when and where you need it the most. No perceptible resistance and thus allowing it to be more comfortable for patients.

1-year manufacturer's warranty is included. 

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1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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