Schiller ScoutTube Disposable Mouthpiece for Spirometry 2.100983



Schiller Scouttube for Spirometry

The Scouttube is always accurate and provides no resistance. No calibration or cleaning or maintenance of any sort is needed. It ensures a tight seal around the lips to ensure accurate readings. It suits all ages from children to adults at all levels of fitness. It was designed to fit all mouth shapes. With its tight lip seal, it prevents leaks and ensures that the reading you are receiving is accurate. It has small ridges that guide the patient where to position their teeth and keeps the ScoutTube securely in place. The mouthpiece is shaped oval for optimal lip seal and position and is conical to suit the different mouth sizes. It has a filter membrane that helps minimize bacteria and prevents cross contamination. The Scouttube has many benefits, because of ease of use and no maintenance, there are no running costs. No need to purchase filters, and it is always ready for measurement. It is hygienic and environmentally safe due to its biodegradability.

The ScoutTube is compatible with the SpiroScout and the SpiroScout SP.

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Schiller ScoutTube Disposable Mouthpiece for Spirometry
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