Summit Doppler Vista AVS System

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Fast and efficient system for the Diagnosis of PAD

The Summit Doppler Vista AVS is a simple well-designed system for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). The Summit Doppler Vista AVS can perform ABI and atrial exams to quickly and accurately provide you data and allow users to interpret and report information. The Vista Vascular Doppler makes it easy to conduct exams on patients while sitting and access various disabilities. Other features include Automatic cuff inflation and deflation and waveform display with intuitive exam instructions alongside a built-in printer that can provide pressures and index printed on an adhesive-backed label paper. It has Automatic ABI, TBI, and segmental calculations. It comes with a bi-directional Doppler (8 MHz probes) with blood pressure cuffs. The Summit Doppler Vista AVS features pulse volume recording (PVR) modality software for full-page reporting and exam storage with the ability to download and transfer. It also offers other modalities such as Doppler and arterial PPG. The Summit Doppler Vista AVS can be run on battery or lined powered making it portable and convenient when you need it the most.

Multiple Testing Options

Single Level Abi, TBI, Segments


EMR Connectivity Software Included

Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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