Summit Doppler Vista ABI™ System

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Highly Accurate Vista ABI system that offers ease of use and optimum versatility. 

The Vista ABI System is easy to use single-level ABI, Seated ABI, and optional TBI system. It uses a bi-directional Doppler probe or PVR. It also has an optional PPG probe that measures toe pressures for TBI. Its sensitive bi-direction 8 MHz Doppler probe is best used for surface vessels or the optional 5 MHZ probe is utilized for deeper vessels. It can obtain dual ankle pressures at Posterior Tibial (PT) and Dorsalis Pedis (DP) arteries. It also features Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) and bi-directional Doppler modalities that are used to obtain peripheral arterial waveforms with the blood pressure cuffs. It has a graphic waveform display with an easy to follow test sequence. It includes four cuffs with fast, automated inflation and deflation that provide accurate Abi calculations. It also has an optional PPG and reporting software package.

Multiple options for testing

Single Level ABI, Seated ABI, and optional TBI all in one system.

Optional additional features

PPG Reporting Software


1 Year Manufacturer


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Additional Information

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