Newman Medical ABI-250 ABI System


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Newman Medical ABI-250 ABI System

The Newman Medical ABI-250 ABI System is a PC-based system designed for single-level examination to quickly and simply produce the results that you need to diagnose lower extremity peripheral artery disease. This unit not only helps save time in the exam but also within staff training. Newman Medical's simple API system helps lead you through the exam by observing the report coming from a large computer screen, eliminating the need to memorize complex menus or protocols. 

The ABI 250 software is built to make your workflow more efficient. Automatic index estimates help you avoid potential errors. Dropdown IDC-10 codes, suggested CPT codes, and interpretation of results are shown. Multiple and selectable formats to store the reports: PDF, TIFF, CSV, BMP, and JPG. The ABI 250 software provides a full range of tests and reports for lower extremity arterial evaluation. Single level exams for diagnosing obstruction can be performed using a doppler, meeting the requirement for CPT code 93922. ABI with dual ankle Doppler pressures and PVR waveforms is the fundamental PAD exam. DICOM software is now an option as well. 

The cuff-link includes a built-in doppler using Newman Medical's sensitive, interchangeable probes. Cuff-link dopplers have the sensitivity and audio response to allow you to hear the blood flow sounds quickly and clearly. Our unique magnetic probe holder won't crack or break and gently cradles the probe when not being used. The open design helps avoid gathering dirt, gel, and germs. 

2-year parts and labor warranty included. 

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2-Years Parts and Labor Warranty
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