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Nicolet ImexDop CT+ Portable counter-top Doppler

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Easy to use countertop doppler with a unique smart charging stand. 

The ImexDOP CT+ is an easy to use obstetric and vascular counter top Doppler that comes with a unique smart charging stand and touch controls. It has a durable design and very reliable performance. It has built-in, dual speakers that provide superb sound quality, even during noisy environments. This lightweight unit has an on-off button and volume controls that make it easily accessible. It has a LED display that shows whether the system is on, charging, or has low batteries. It also has an automatic “Off” circuit that conserves battery life when it is not charging on the stand. The ImexDOP CT+ automatically calculates fetal heart rate or a pulse so that there is no need to use a watch. With State of the art autocorrelation, it has the ability to track complex fetal heart sounds and vascular blood flow to provide an accurate count every time. It has five interchangeable probes to cover a wide range of applications. The 2MHz probe is used for deeper penetration and is best used for monitoring the fetal heart in larger women or women later in their pregnancy. The 2MHz waterproof probe can be used for patients who opt in for an underwater labor or labor delivery. The 3MHz probe does not penetrate as deep as the 2MHz probe and can be used during early stages of pregnancy. For vascular, the 5 and 8 MHz probes provides access to both deep and superficial arteries and veins to help determine systolic blood pressures, vessel patency and locating hard-to-find vessels. The 5 MHz vascular probe is best utilized for deep applications and some superficial, and the 8Mhz probe is ideal for superficial applications. The interchangeable probes give you maximum flexibility between the Nicolet Doppler systems. You can store two probes at a time with a protective probe holder that is found on the ImexDOP CT+ units. The ImexDOP CT+ can be placed on the counter, mounted on the wall, or placed on an IV pole or roll stand for your convenience. The charging stand allows you to place the unit on the stand between uses and automatically recharges so you have it ready when you need it. 5-year parts, 1-year labor warranty. 

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