Jaken Medical: Authorized GE Urology Distributor

Jaken Medical: Authorized GE Urology Distributor

We at Jaken Medical are proud to announce that we are now authorized urology distributor for GE healthcare. The needs of a urologist vary widely, while all urologists must have an efficient workflow. This is why GE has focused their urology line to offer affordable features such as:

  • Probes designed with patient comfort in mind
  • Compact, portable, and simple to use
  • Cutting-edge technology for prostate, kidney, testicle, bladder, and much more
  • Assistance at the press of a button

GE urology ultrasound systems also offer exceptional image quality for the end-user. One can boost their capacity to visualize tissue interfaces and distinguish between borders with CrossXBeam technology. Attaining high resolution images even when at deep penetration is made possible with Coded Harmonic Imaging. Lastly, experience significant noise reduction while improving true tissue detail through Real Time Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI-HD).

A few notable GE urology ultrasound systems include the GE LOGIQ F8GE Versana Premier, and the GE LOGIQ V2 Premier.

Benefits of Purchasing Through an Authorized GE Distributor

There are some significant benefits to order from an authorized GE Healthcare distributor. When ordering GE products from Jaken Medical, one will get direct GE support. The buyer with also receive an OPI (online product introduction), allowing them to become better acquainted with their product. Lastly, the warranty on the machine will be the same as GE’s warranty, giving the customer the ability to purchase their equipment with confidence. 

Jul 2nd 2019 Jaken Medical

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