Source-Ray SR-130 Portable X-Ray System

  • Source-Ray SR-130 Portable X-Ray System
  • Source-Ray SR-130 Portable X-Ray System
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Source-Ray SR-130 Portable X-Ray System

The Source-Ray SR-130 Portable X-Ray System is a lightweight, high-powered unit. With a durable powder coat finish and 3-year warranty, this unit is designed for extreme reliability. With a microprocessor controller, UL recognition, and CR/DR compatibility, the Source-Ray SR-130 is extremely versatile. Delivering maximum mR/mAs, the Source-Ray SR-130 comes with a 3.0kW power output, and 100 kV, 30 mA, 120 mAs. The SR-I30 was constructed with mobility in mind. It is extremely compact, lightweight, and simple for the operator to move the system with minimal effort. Limited 3-year warranty is included. 



Input Voltage: High frequency resonant inverter - 3.0kW 115/230VAC, 50/60hZ 

kVp Range: 40 - 100kVp, adjustable in 1 kV increments - closed loop regulation

mA Range - Fixed, 15 mA and 30 mA - closed loop regulation

mAs Range - 0.15 - 120 

Exposure Time - 0.01 - 4.00 seconds

Indicators - Digital display of kVp, mAs, and Time; X-Ray, Ready, mA Station, and Fault indicators. 

Exposure Switch: 

Detachable two-position

X-Ray Tube: 

Stationary Anode 110 kVp

Filtration - 2.7 mm al minimum

Target Material - Tungsten

Anode Capacity - 45,000 HU Storage 

Focal Spot - 1.0 mm

Target Angle - 15 Degrees


Collimare CP-24-C

Laser Crosshairs - Center Locator

Tape Measure - SID Measurement

Inclinometer - Angle Measurement

Travel Stand:

Min. F/S to Floor - 13" / 33 cm

Max. F/S to Floor - 78" / 198 cm 

Hor. Ext. of F/S - 21" - 53 cm

Hor. Rotation - 200 Degrees

Tube Rotation - 270 Degrees

System Weight - 100 lbs. / 45 kG

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Warranty Information

3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
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