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1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System

  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
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Vision M Portable X-Ray System

The Vision M Portable X-Ray System is a simple yet powerful x-ray system with a modern, ergonomic design. This unit comes with automatic APR setting for the x-ray head. You can control generator settings from a laptop, and the unit comes with a protective, fixed laptop mount. With a tech-friendly retractable stability leg and secure DR panel storage bin, you are truly getting an efficient and effective portable x-ray system.Superior analytics offer detailed history reports. Dual wraps for power and tether cable management, as well as a lightweight, powdercoated aluminum frame, makes the Vision M an extremely well-designed and durable. 1st Source claims the cart for the Vision M to be the first portable x-ray cart designed solely around digital imaging.

AVANSE Acquire Software is an advanced anatomy driven image processing with automated image stitching. Repeat / reject analysis and simple three step exam help enhance your workflow. This software comes with complete DICOM integration: Multiple PACS, MWL, CD, print patient registration, and interactive examination worklist. Integrated image acquisition, anatomy dependent image processing (APR), and image annotation and measurements offer advanced imaging capabilities to diagnosis your patients with excellence. DICOM MWL examination search/load, DICOM MPPS support, DICOM image formatting, local data storage, and DICOM image compression are other advanced capabilities of the AVANSE Acquire Software.

1-year manufacturers warranty is included. 

Digital Flat Panel

Panel: VAREX (Varian)

Platform: Wireless

Scintillator: Csl

Active Area: 14" x 17"

Pixel Array: 2476 x 3072

A/D Conversion 16 Bits

Nyquist 139μm

Weight: 7.3 lbs

Mobile DR Power Package

2.4 kW Generator

AC Line 120V

X-ray Range 40 - 100 KvP

MAS Range 0.4 - 100/25

MA Range 16 - 35/5

Unlimited APR's

Tube focal spot 1.2 x 1.2 mm

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Warranty Information

1-Year Manufacturers Warranty
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