1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System

  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
  • 1st Source Vision M Portable X-Ray System
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Vision M Portable X-Ray System

The Vision M Portable X-Ray System is a simple yet powerful x-ray system with a modern, ergonomic design. This unit comes with an automatic APR setting for the x-ray head. You can control generator settings from a laptop, and the unit comes with a protective, fixed laptop mount. With a tech-friendly retractable stability leg and secure DR panel storage bin, you are truly getting an efficient and effective portable x-ray system. Superior analytics offer detailed history reports. Dual wraps for power and tether cable management, as well as a lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame, makes the Vision M extremely well-designed and durable. 1st Source claims the cart for the Vision M to be the first portable x-ray cart designed solely around digital imaging.

AVANSE Acquire Software is an advanced anatomy-driven image processing with automated image stitching. Repeat/reject analysis and simple three-step exams help enhance your workflow. This software comes with complete DICOM integration: Multiple PACS, MWL, CD, print patient registration, and interactive examination worklist. Integrated image acquisition, anatomy-dependent image processing (APR), and image annotation and measurements offer advanced imaging capabilities to diagnose your patients with excellence. DICOM MWL examination search/load, DICOM MPPS support, DICOM image formatting, local data storage, and DICOM image compression are other advanced capabilities of the AVANSE Acquire Software.

1-year manufacturers warranty is included. 

Digital Flat Panel

Panel: VAREX (Varian)

Platform: Wireless

Scintillator: Csl

Active Area: 14" x 17"

Pixel Array: 2476 x 3072

A/D Conversion 16 Bits

Nyquist 139μm

Weight: 7.3 lbs

Mobile DR Power Package

2.4 kW Generator

AC Line 120V

X-ray Range 40 - 100 KvP

MAS Range 0.4 - 100/25

MA Range 16 - 35/5

Unlimited APR's

Tube focal spot 1.2 x 1.2 mm

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Warranty Information

1-Year Manufacturers Warranty
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