Midmark IQstress w/ Treadmill & Cart

  • Midmark IQstress w/ Treadmill & Cart
  • Midmark IQstress w/ Treadmill & Cart
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Midmark Diagnostics System IQstress™ w/ Treadmill & Cart

The IQstress™ system from Midmark is an ideal component of any complete patient car strategy. It combines sophisticated cardiac testing with easy-to-use features aimed at increasing the time you spend with your patients.


  • Everything is just a click away with a user friendly, one-level menu.
  • Customizable user profiles make procedure setup fast and easy.
  • Quick access to customized tests protocols, measurement parameters, display formats and reports.
  • Seven protocols preprogrammed to begin testing immediately, includign the Bruce and Modified Bruce.
  • Easily review up to four stress tests for side by side comparison of a patient's progress.
  • Summarize and review test results with detailed rhythm strips and averaged beats immediately after the test is completed, either locally or from any network.
  • The medical grade treadmill is reliable, quiet, and runs smoothly for assured patient comfort.

 IQmanager ™ Software

Each Midmark IQstress system includes the IQmanager software,a simple, cost effective way to capture and store patient test results right on your existing computer system. It eliminates the need for thermal paper and reduces copying, canning, and shredding of paper records.

  • Built in patient management software to review, edit, and store patient information from any computer on your network.
  • Acquires, organizes, and presents patient data for comprehensive view.
  • Simple to use with one click e-mail and fax options.
  • Save time by eliminating need to re-enter patient data with easy-to-use database management software.
  • E-mail or fax test reports directly from your computer or archive them in CAR, PDF, and JPG formats.

 EHR/EMR Integration

Integrate test results and patient data directly into your EHR-EMR solution.

  • Seamless integration allows you to perform tests within the EHR or EMR and store the information in the patient's chart.
  • Works with more than 80 of today's top EHR/EMR solutions.

 System Configurations:

P/N 4-000-0334: Midmark IQstress™ w/ Treadmill, Cart, Computer, Printer, UPS

  • Cardiac Stress Test + Treadmill
  • EMR Interface
  • 1-Year Warranty
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