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Flexible, comprehensive software to analyze EKG Data.

The Northeast Monitoring Inc. LX Event Software is a comprehensive and flexible software that allows you to handle EKG data from Holter event recorders. It is compatible with all telephonic event records and has many features for DR200 users. For DR200 users, it has the added benefits of automatic event detection, event labels, time and date stamps, automatic transmission speed detection, and SD card transmission of EKG data. It comes with a complete kit that supports three different transmission modes. You can interface with a telephone or can be used for telephone (FM modulation) or local microphone recording and SD card and SD card reader for SD card transmissions. The LX Event Software allows you to adjust for gain and has high and low pass filters to help make your interpretation of the EKG data more accurate. Some multiple measurements and cursors allow you to customize parameters to help create more accurate reports for reimbursable needs. The report can include your contact info and logo with or without full disclosure. The software also comes with a searchable patient database to help locate your patients’ information quickly and easily. With this software, you will be able to analyze and interpret ECG data fast and easily.

Used with DR200/E or DR200/HE

3-year warranty is included. 


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