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Tailored to address the varied needs of our diverse user community. 

The Holter LX Analysis software combines intuitive menus and easy to use features that allow you to analyze Holter data. The Northeast Monitoring Inc. Holter LX Analysis Software has five user levels, basic, enhanced, enhance plus, pro, and edit, which is tailored to address the needs of almost every user The software is efficient and easy to use and was built to offer a doctor the fastest and accurate tool for Holter analysis. It is compatible with all NorthEast monitors and can perform up to 14 days Holter Studies. The Holter analysis software can provide user-customized reports with enhanced QRS Detection plus proprietary algorithms that allow you to have a higher percentage of automatic and correct characterized beats. It is able to provide Adaptive Template Construction (ATC) that fits a series of templates to a wide range of cardiac morphologies to reduce the need for manual intervention. Other features include, coefficient Matching Algorithms that can run faster than other products that take less time to reanalyze data, Automatic ST segment analysis tool that allows you to set markers and measures ST segments on all channels, plots averages and baseline values to highlight events to help provide you an accurate measurements, spectral analysis to reveal critical diagnostic info that is not easily recognized in a time domain, 12 lead display for easy capture and viewing, full disclosure to provide you the ability to review and obtain reimbursement through reporting, synchronized spO2 oximetry option that allows you to see the relationship between blood O2 levels, airflow, and cardiac data.  The Holter LX analysis software supports LAN/WAN to be able to transmit and receive information. It has a natural and intuitive editing modes for simple reporting. 

Multiple Software Levels
Basic, Enhanced, Enhanced plus, Pro and edit.
Reduced Read Time
Fastest and accurate tool for Holter analysis
3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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