HE/LX® Analysis Holter Software

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HE/LX® Analysis Software for Holter

 The HELX® Holter Analysis Software comes fully equipped with four levels of functionality: 

  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Basic Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Enhanced Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Enhanced+ Software Kit
  • HELX® V6.0 Analysis Pro Software Kit

This state-of-the-art software has an extremely efficient file structure that serves the doctor's office, scanning service, and most challenging cardiac practice. These practices are then able to provide a much more user-friendly environment in their reduction of time spent in producing intuitive and accurate patient results. 

The HELX® Holter Analysis Software supports remote offsite office connectivity as well as network environments. 

Key Features:

Maximum time-analyzed:

  • 14 days

 Arrhythmia Detection:

  • AFib – Enhanced Atrial Fibrillation beat detection and analysis
  • Ventricular Premature Beats (VPBs)
  • Supraventricular Premature Beats (SVPBs)

 Presentation of data: 

  • Standard 25 mm/s for 3-lead and 12-lead recordings
  • 50 mm/s available for 12-lead recordings
  • All 12-lead data displayed for 12-lead recordings
  • For oximetry recordings, SpO2 replaces 3rd channel
  • Calibration indication can be provided in reports

 ST-Segment slope:

  •  Positive or negative slope indicated based on manual setting of cursors by a trained operator

AN Capability:

  • Allows multiple users to access a common database of patient data without conflict.

 Pacemaker detection:

  • Displayed and annotated for the operator


  • When available, displayed by the software
  • When at least 4 hours of noise-free data is provided it will calculate AHI (Apnea- hypopnea index) value.


  • The capability of labeling all arrhythmias with the operator's input
  • Modular with the ability for the operator to select modules to be included
  • All reportable values and labels are editable by the operator
  • Ability to remove and/or add sample ECG strips
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