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Norav Medical DL900 Holter Recorder with USB Interface and NH-301 Software

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Holter monitoring has never been easier.

The DL900 Holter is a battery-operated solid-state 5 lead (3 channels) recorder that was designed to perform 120 hours (5 days) of continuous recording of ambulatory electrocardiogram data. It has outstanding on-screen graphics and remarkable speed for downloading information to a PC using a USB interface. It can detect and record pacemaker pulses to the criteria for AAMI pacer detection. It stores the information on a memory card that can be used to review on a PC. Reporting can be printed within minutes after downloading. The DL900 is compatible with computers that comply with EN609050-1 and have an operating system of Windows 2000 or newer.

The DL900 Holter Monitor is mainly for patients requiring ambulatory Holter monitoring. It can be used to evaluate the symptoms of arrhythmias or myocardial ischemia, evaluate EKG documenting therapeutic interventions in individual patient or groups of patients, ST-segment changes, patient responses after resuming occupational or recreational activities such as cardiac surgery, clinical and epidemiological research studies, evaluate patients with pacemakers, and can report time and frequency domain heart rate variability and QT intervals.


Lightweight, battery operated solid state recorder

Data Reporting

Store on a memory card that can be later reviewed on PC


1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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