GE EchoPAC v203 Software Only

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GE EchoPAC v203 Software Only (H8018PF)

EchoPAC Software Only is a broad clinical software platform that is optimal for viewing, evaluating, and reporting of multi-dimensional echo, vascular, and abdominal ultrasound images. EchoPAC Software Only delivers both simple and adanced viewing and measurable analysis abilities for 2D, 4D, and multidimensional ultrasound parametric images from the GE Healthcare VIVID family of scanners, as well as DICOM images from other ultrasound machines. 


  • Digital raw data (single frames and cineloop of 2D, 4D, M-mode, TVI, Spectral & Doppler modalities) enables image review at the original resolution and frame rate from the VIVID scanners
  • DICOM media read (CD, DVD. MOD, USB drive)
  • ECG, phono & three auxillary traces recorded with rawr data capture

Physical Product:

  • User manual
  • Installation manual
  • Installation UFD
  • Container box
  • Option key (password)
  • Dongle for licensing (USB) 

Operating System:

Windows 7 & Windows 10


2 GHz Intel Core i-series CPU or better


2 GB minimum, 4 GB recommended with Windows 7 or Windows 10

Screen Resolution: 

Minimum 32 bit, 1280 x 900 and maximum 1920 x 1200

Disk Drive:


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