GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software

  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
  • GE EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software (H45571MP)
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GE EchoPAC BT13 Software

The EchoPAC Application is a comprehensive clinical software package for viewing, analyzing, and reporting multi-dimensional echos, vascular and abdominal ultrasound images.

The EchoPAC Software provides basic and advanced viewing and quantitative analysis capabilities for 2D and multi-dimensional ultrasound parametric images from the GE Healthcare Vivid* family of scanners, as well as DICOM** images from other ultrasound systems. 

Physical Product: 

  • Installation CD
  • User manual
  •  Installation manual
  •  Container box
  •  Option key (password)
  •  Dongle for licensing (USB)


  •  Review of stress-echo studies acquired with the Vivid 7, Vivid 4, Vivid 3, Vivid i, Vivid q, Vivid S5, Vivid S6, and Vivid E9, as well as other DICOM    ultrasound systems.
  •  Quantitative stress analysis of grayscale 2D and tissue velocity information raw data acquired in parallel on Vivid scanner.
  •  Qualitative wall motion scoring.
  •  Quantitative stress analysis provides three different analysis tools based on TVI data stored during stress acquisition.
  • Stress echo report templates.

 Measurements and Analysis:

  •  Seamless data storage and report creation
  •  Comprehensive set of cardiac measurements and calculations to help assess dimensions, flow properties, and other functional parameters of the heart.
  •  Comprehensive set of shared service measurements and calculations covering vascular, abdominal, obstetrics, and other application areas
  •  Stress echo support allowing wall motion scoring and automatic stress level labeling of measurements.
  •  Support for measuring DICOM images.
  •  Automatic Doppler trace functionality for use in non-cardiac applications in both live and replay.
  •  Reporting support allows a configurable set of measurements to be shown in the exam report


  •  DICOM media read (CD, DVD, MOD, USB drive)
  •  EchoPAC creates MPEG image files and attaches a MPEG viewer to enable physicians and sonographers to view images on conventional PCs

Quality Image sets can be copied and saved onto removable media (CD, DVD, USB flash card) by EchoPAC for DICOM media interchange, as well as MPEG, JPEG, VolDICOM, and AVI formats.

  •  Export of reports as CHM, TEXT, and PDF formats
  •  Measurements created on the Vivid ultrasound system automatically populate the EchoPAC worksheet.
  •  Measurements created on ultrasound systems other than Vivid are manually entered into the EchoPAC worksheet.
  •  Use of USB storage devices as long-term image storage by use of the ìDisk Managementî function.
  •  Use of USB storage devices, such as USB flash cards and USB hard disks, for archive/raw data export and import.
  •  Check Software PDF for full features & additional options


  •  Storage
  •   Read/write images in DICOM format (US, US-MF, and Secondary Capture).
  •   Verify
  •   Query/retrieve
  •   DICOM print
  •   DICOM SR creation

 GE Part Number: H45571MP-EchoPAC BT13 Viewing Software

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