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RADIOMAT GL Full Speed Orthochromatic Latittude Film

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RADIOMAT™ GL™ Full Speed Orthochromatic Latitude Film

Each film type provides sharp detail and yields consistent performance in a wide variety of processing conditions. The films are compatible wiht your existing generating equipment, (cassettes and intensifying screens) with little or no technique change.

Standard Features:

  • Safelight Requirements: The use of a GBX-2 (or equivalent) safelight filter is recommended. The filter should be utilized ni conjunction with a 15 watt frosted bulb and positioned at least for feet from the unloading/loading area, and processor feed-tray.
  • Processing: RADIOMAT™ Medical X-Ray Films are designed to be processed in automatic processors using "High Throughput", standard, or extended cycles. When used in the standard 90 second cycle, a temperature of 95∞F is recommended. The films can also be processed manually. These robust films perform well in all quality developers and fixers.
  • Handling: Films shoudl be handled by the edges; avoiding creasing, buckling and physical pressure. Avoid using hand lotions prior to handling films.
  • Storage: Unopened, unexposed film should be stored at temperatures at or below 70∞F in a dry location, preferably between 30% and 50% relative humidity. Film should be protected from sources of ionizing radiation including x-ray scatter.
  • Packaging: Available in all customary sizes in 100 sheet reclosable boxes.

Available in sizes:

(10x12 in.)

(14x17 in.)

(24x30 in.)

(8x10 in.)

  • Sharp, detailed images
  • Used in a variety of processing conditions
  • 100 sheet reclosable boxes
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